Our 50,000 colorful candy-filled plastic egg hunt is located on the facilities of Life Christian Church. Our Easter Celebration service is held in the sanctuary. Our guests can enjoy the Easter music and message in total style, with plush seating, heating and air and clean bathrooms.

What Time Does the Service Start?
Easter Sunday, March 31st, 10 am Celebration Service

What Time Does the Easter Egg Hunt Start?
Easter Sunday, March 31st, 
12 noon Easter Egg Hunt.

Where is It?
Life Christian Church

I Need Directions...
Get driving directions.

Where Can I Register The Day of the Hunt?
There will be two easy to find locations for Registration prior to the Easter Egg Hut. There are numerous volunteers who will then direct you to your child’s appropriate age area.

What is the Cost?
The entire event and service are FREE.

Can I Pre-Register?
Yes, pre-register now.

Can I Pre-Register On-line?
Yes, in 2 easy steps:
1) Pre-Register on-line.
2) Print and 
bring the completed form with you to speed up the registration process on the morning of the event at our preregistration table or at any line. Please arrive before 11:30 am.

Can I Pre-Register by Phone?
Registering over the phone is unavailable at this time, but you can register here on the web, or on location the day of. Remember that registration will end at 11:30 am on Easter. All attenders of our Easter Service at 10 am will receive an automatic Fast Pass to the hunt, and will have the chance to win prizes! If you have any further questions, please call us at 760.439.3300.


Fast Pass is the premium way to spend your Easter. Every person who attends the Easter Celebration Service is entitled to Fast Pass. Avoid the long wait outside and spend the time with us for an uplifting service on plush chairs, air conditioning, and restroom availability.

Outside awaits your own Fast Pass area filled with more eggs and prizes than the general areas.

Fast Pass guests and their children are escorted directly to their designated areas by our volunteers. The Fast Pass areas are closest to the sanctuary as well.

Fast also means “fast” pass! General areas must wait until noon but Fast Pass guests get to have their own egg hunt as soon as they are set up in their area and when everyone is ready.

Fast Pass children have access to lots of prizes from small carnival prizes to brand new bikes. Kids in Fast Pass enjoy Easter at a whole new level!

Remember, you must be in the morning Easter Service before 10:15 am in the sanctuary in order to qualify for Fast Pass.

Once you arrive at the event you need to proceed to registration to pick up wristband/s.